Thursday, May 21, 2015

Observe the rural nerd

Being a nerd is more difficult in the country than it is in the city. The accepted things to be interested in around here are: sports, gardening, trucks, quilting, and more sports. Anything else gets you not only questioning looks, but also questioning questions. Additionally, we're quite aways away from a lot of sources of nerdism. Lemme break it down for ya...

Nearest comic book store = 60 miles
Nearest place where they have comic conventions = 125 miles
Nearest group of nerds we could hang with = ???

However, we did get our cosplays on and head down to the Cities for Wizard World Con Minneapolis!

Here's my cosplay: Supergirl!

At the con itself were many great cosplayers! Here's some of them.

And of course, the biggest reason we went there.

Meeting Kevin Conroy. He's BATMAN, you guys. This is a big deal.

So it was great! And with this concentrated dose of nerdage, we ought to be able to last for a good while out here.

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