Tuesday, May 12, 2020

All the Easter trimmings

Here's some things I made for Easter Sunday!

A whole TRAY of doughnuts! Eat well, my chicken!

And a carrot cake for after dinner. Was planning a more elaborate decoration job, but was pretty worn out by then.

Here's a few new things I got for the beam this year! I realize that with this Easter, I have decorated the beam for the last time...

A wee little fence!

And a tulip garden!
And we have REAL tulips outside!

And hyacinths!

And daffo-down-dillos!

And to end, here's the pysanky eggs I made this year.

Didn't turn out the best, because the wax pen thing was misbehavin', and the dye wasn't being as potent as it ought, but still! Happy Easter!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Syrup time

Backing up a bit, here we have our first ever venture into making our very own maple syrup from our very own maple trees!

We'd never tried it before, because Dad didn't live here, and we weren't about to go drilling holes in his trees in his absence. But! Now that he does, we can!

We tried it a couple different ways...

like this bag...

And spiels with hoses into the buckets...

And this wee little thing that the bucket hooks right onto.

Here's the sap all dumped into a vat and alot frozen.

When we had our goodly portion of sap, we set about heating it.

Gettin' the tank and the thing-a-ma-jig ready

And put it on to heat!

Here you can see it start to get a bit foamy.

When it had reduced, we moved it to a smaller pot.

And then an even smaller pot and onto the camp stove. (Cooking it down took all day and all night straight through.)

Then we had to test it with Mr. Hygrometer.

When it floated up to like, 30, (if memory serves) that meant it was ready!

We brought it in to bottle it.

The finished product.

And here it is when we got the opportunity to use it!

Isn't it fine?

Lookin' G-E-W-D

And boy was it ever!

Seeing as we only tapped a handful of trees on our 5 acres full of them, I think we can look forward to some productive years ahead of us! (Here's hoping I'll be sent some when I'm off and married.)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

There's a little black shelf a-comin'

Well now it's Easter, and hopefully things might get better soon. I'll have more Easter posts as the season progresses, but for today I have another shelf for you!

I didn't take before pictures of it. Whoops. It was just plain brown wood, but I painted it black and painted it flowers. Here's a couple angles.

When I get to my husband's house, those kitchen cabinets better prepare themselves!

Here's the last Katrielle dessert I did!

Episode 19: Ghost Busted
Dessert: Donut

Always wanted to try making these homemade. This is the recipe I used. It was back on Fat Tuesday that I made 'em. Made again Easter Sunday too. Here's how it went!

Verdict: Really turned out good; certainly better than any you can get anywhere nearby. Frosted the prettiest of the batch to look like the picture, glazed the rest. My daisies look more like fried eggs...

Friday, April 10, 2020

Suffer Me Not to be Separated From Thee

My Lent picture for this year, using another line from the Anima Christi. Very personal once again, but things have rather got worse. Pray that the separation of the lay faithful from God in the Eucharist be ended.
And if as an afterthought, you'd like to pray that the separation of this bride from her bridegroom isn't prolonged, I would take it very kindly.

God save us all.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

First attempt at Rosemaling

Yes, well, things are pretty miserable right now. I'll post my miserable Lent picture tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a new project I tried. I've been packing all my stuff for moving, and I thought, why not spruce some of it up now!

I had a white shelf.

Just a plain white shelf

I drew some designs on paper.

Cut out and carbon copied onto said shelf.

Not the best picture.

You can scarcely see it, but it was enough for painting guidelines.

Here we go!

And sides

Here's the finished product!

I like it more and more!

I think I'll paint ALL the stuff!

Here's the next Katrielle dessert. The Lady Layton anime is rather painfully applicable at the moment...

Episode 18: The Molentary Express with Three Incidents
Dessert: Hotel cakes

Since this wasn't very specific, I just tried to match the picture in as few steps as possible. Made a yellow cake and split the batter between a cake pan and a muffin tin; that took care of the cake and cupcakes, and then made a peach pie and used the remainder of the pie dough to make the 'cookies' (yes I know they look more like macarons but this was a big enough process already) sandwiching leftover frosting from the cake between 'em.

Verdict: The cakes are just the usual, so that's fine, the pie really suffers from not having fresh peaches, and the cookies taste like pie crust with frosting, as expected.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Valentine's picture 2020

Here it is, the Valentine's Day picture!

Here we have (clockwise) Masaomi Kida & Saki Mikajima from Durarara, Akari Mizunashi & Akatsuki Izumo from Aria, Emiliana Perfetti & Mintan from Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery Solving Files, Sigrun Eide & Mikkel Madsen from Stand Still. Stay Silent, and in the center Katrielle Layton & Ernest Greeves from Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery Solving Files

Not surprising, given how much we're into Lady Layton around here, right? So lets have to next dessert right now!

Episode 17: Katrielle and the Monster of London
Dessert: Marshmallow Paste

So... what IS marshmallow paste? One might think it's marshmallow creme, but the picture clearly doesn't look like that. So since I couldn't find anything, I just tried to match the picture.

Verdict: All it is is colored marshmallows and red gummies. So... there you have it.

Let's conclude with bears!

These two matching bears are Monty Mounty (L) and Johnpaul Raccoon (R) Got them at a goodwill in Houston. Monty Mounty's ribbon says 'Canada' on it, and Johnpaul Raccoon's doesn't say a word.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

A taste of Valentines

Valentine's Day! Love is in the AIIIR~! I haven't finished my annual Valentine's Day shipping picture yet, but here's some other things!

My fiance sent me a card...

...and flowers. <3

I sent him fudge, but I didn't take a picture, and I'm reliably informed that it is 'long gone' by now.

Also on the our-romance-front, now that wedding invitations have officially been sent out, I can show the final design for the invitation!

Yes, this was the one he picked, which is probably the most similar to the illustrations in the book.

Also on the 14th is my Grandma's birthday. I made her this cake.

It was an orange cake, and the flowers I did with this set of Russian piping tips my sister got me for Christmas.

Check out all their majesty...


Here's a bear!

Puppet bear! He has several names, depending on who's puppeteering him. When Mary does he's Morning Freshface, when Dad does he's Old Husk, and when I do he's Jack in the Pulpit Preaching to the Choir. Yes.

And we'll end with the next Katrielle dessert, which was back in fall when it was appropriate.

Episode 16: Katrielle and the Pandas' March
Dessert: Caramel apples

I didn't use a recipe so much as throw caramels in a pot with a generous slopping of evaporated milk. Dunked apples, almonds for the one, glaze frosting for the other, here they are!

Verdict: I actually really liked them, which I wasn't expecting, because I'd hesitantly tried them in years past and not liked them because I made no effort to, but now I do! It all worked out. 

Valentine's shipping picture soon!