Thursday, May 11, 2017

Easter hodgepodge

Behind again! As an update, we went down to Houston for Easter, and it was great! I did, however, once again end up with the Texas Cold (well maybe it was the Pennsylvania Cold this time...) but I will not be deterred! ...Or at least, I thought I wouldn't be deterred, until I came home to THIS.

This is MAY in Minnesota, folks.

Well the beginning of it, anyway.
Right now it's warmed up and spring finally seems to be underway!

And of course, Easter must be decorated for!

A continuation of last year's Easter garland! We saved eggs all year for this!

And here's the beginning of a new project.

Ace Attorney alphabet! Here we have A for Apollo Justice, and B for Blue Badger. Can I do the whole thing without having to look anything up? Wait and see!

It's been awhile; let's meet a bear.

This here's Davy. I gave him a different name earlier, but then I couldn't remember it, so naturally, he ended up as Davy. He has a music box in him that plays 'Lullaby and Goodnight.'

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