Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Valentimes

Late with the Valentine's Day post, I know, but here it is, at any rate!

First, here's a Tiny Terrors Valentine's Day picture I drew.

Moving on to the next thing without any form of explanation whatsoever, here's a completely unrelated bouquet of sunflowers that sort of, happened.

If you're wondering just what is going on, I'm probably just as confused as you are. (Maybe not in the same way, though...)

Anyways, here's the annual Valentine's Day shipping picture. It contains Ace Attorney SPOILERS!!!

Here we have (clockwise) Sorin & Ellen Sprocket from Ace Attorney, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi & Ema Skye also from Ace Attorney, Petra Ral & Levi from Attack on Titan, Hana Mizuno & PBG from Asagao Academy, and in the center, Jove & Thalassa Justice, and their son, Apollo, once again from Ace Attorney.

What great shipping fun! Though tbh, the ship I'm most enthused about at the moment is the one in the first picture... *flees*

Friday, February 10, 2017

No More Toymakers to the King

Ahem! Now that my blog has been reclaimed from the grip of its reprehensible editor, we can get back to regular posting.

And today's post is on a two-year-long Christmas project I did, which was to draw pictures of characters and things from my book, corresponding to various lines from the song No More Toymakers to the King from the Rankin-Bass Christmas movie Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. The first four pictures I did last year, the second four this year. Here it is!

All the tin soldiers, melt them down.

Wash the face of every clown.

Every bouncing ball, deflate it.
No, I don't want to debate it. 

The ballerinas who pirouette,
Arrest their musical toes.  

Outlaw the dolls,

And sink the boats.
They bring me only woes. 

Every jack-in-the-box be sealed 
Till my wounded pride be healed. 

Stuffed animals, unstuff 'em.
If a child objects, rebuff 'em.

And there you have it! Turned out pretty well and goodly upsetting, if I do say so myself.
In closing, here's a tiny tiny Christmas pudding I knitted Mary for Epiphany.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An attempt to sophisticate this World Wide Web page

Hi there, folks. Old Bear here, having wrested control of this blog from its author, who, though no longer distracted by the incessant bawling with which she ended the last entry, is now distracted by what psychologists would diagnose as being 'giddy as a schoolgirl,' but I digress. While I'm at the helm, so to speak, I think it would be rather diverting to re-visit the two most neglected, but surely most popular, features of this blog: Old Comic Panels and Old Encyclopedia Pictures.

For this, I shall have to journey off from my usual abode of the bed...

Well this is embarrassing. Lads! Disentangle yourselves from this disorderly heap at once! Don't you know you're on camera!?

Let us just pretend we didn't witness that spectacle, shall we? To the comic shelf!

Hmm. They... They have a lot of comic books. They keep them in plastic bags.
I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this half of our venture.

Never mind! Down the stairs then, to the encyclopedia set!

Wh-what? What is the meaning of this??

This is where the encyclopedia set was the last time I was down here, I'm sure of it... But now there's only this motley collection of moving-picture films! Where could that set have got to...?

Ah ha! A wild foe appears! She doesn't seem to keen on me searching the basement; could she be hiding something?

Sure enough! Here are the encyclopedias, under this pile of VHS cassette tapes. Disgraceful!

Let's have a look, shall we?

Why here's a simply delightful illustration from the entry on farming. If this blog's author could draw like this, perhaps her illustration career would actually take off.

Was that pumpkin ready carved when she picked it?

Here's a picture of a man churning butter, from the entry on Denmark. I think we should all take a moment to marvel at the majesty of the glorious mound of butter pictured herein.

Here's an educational cartoon from the entry on banks. Economics really is a simple business of anthropomorphized money running errands, children. Or if you're still confused, here's another helpful picture from the entry on bookkeeping.

Well. It would seem bookkeeping boils down to this dark businessman god staring into your tiny, terrified soul. Let's... let's forget about that then, shall we...?

 Oh ho! So this is a REAL bear, is it? Extraordinary! 

And with that- Oh dear, here she comes with a bone to pick. ... She seems to be demanding I give her blog back, as she claims she 'still needs to make that last Christmas entry before Valentine's Day' Heavens! 'Christmas'?? Has she ever been so late? Fortunately, she was once again reduced to a giggling fool at her own mention of Valentine's Day, so her tirade was cut short. 

For now, Adieu.