Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas (has) Past

A bit late here! But Christmas times!

Here's the tree all decor'ed

Here's where I tried to get a shot of it, the beam lights, and the stove.


My camera doesn't do too good with low light.

Here's the bears I got!

Gwendolyn I got from Mary! She's fancy dressed!

And heeerrre's...!

Geoffrey! My biggest bear!! Mary gave me him for Epiphany. I'm there too, for size comparison.

And one last thing, for now, is this sad Christmas drawing I did. It contains Ace Attorney SPOILERS!!

It is titled, "When the Earth was Cold and the Sun was Dying," after a line from Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas Celebration. It's... It's... *BWAAAHH!!!*

Old Bear here, closing out this blog entry, as our esteemed author is *once again* too busy blubbing to do so. And we haven't even touched much upon the game following this one yet...
 Merry Christmas, folks.

I might just keep a hold of this and make a few entries of my own before she pulls herself together...