Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stalk toward the lake in your stocking feet and stock it

Christmas prep time! It's looking rather appropriate, as after a few goodly storms...

... We are well and covered.

Also several days with temperatures WELL below zero helped the swamp be much more frozen this year, making our trip to get a tree rather more pleasant. Also we found one that I *personally* think is much better than last year's.

And it was the second one we saw, no less! Whole thing only took about 20 minutes!

On a different day, I made a hurried rush to make this stocking for my nephew.

He did not have one, this being his first Christmas.
The white part on the top there turned out a little weird.

Here's a closeup of the train part!


And here's a brand new bear!

Bremer Bear I won in a silent auction after the fish house parade on black friday. He's DEFINITELY my biggest bear!