Friday, July 29, 2016

Strawberry time

Sorry I'm so behind on this blog! My parents were here for vacation recently, and I was busy. Here's catching up on all the things we did!

At the end of June we went strawberry picking!!!

I love strawberries. They're my favorite fruit of all. We didn't get to get any the past couple summers, so we were sure to get plenty this time.

Here's some closeups.

Sorry, yeah, this is a lot of pictures. They all looked too nice!

Anyways, most of these were to be made into jam and jelly.

Here's the supplies! You can also see in the background the hanging cheesecloth bag of strawberry guts!

Aforementioned strawberry guts.

Here it is, cooking on the cookstove!

And here's the finished product!
(No more photos of the process because I was busy DOING it and trying not to get scalded.)

Ain't it purty?

We had a little more than would fit in the jars, so that's just in a tupperware in the fridge.

And that's not all we made with them!

We also made...

Ice cream!

Pie! (I didn't get a picture of the strawberry chocolate pie. I will next time!)

Here's a gratuitous closeup.

And more to come, as we froze a bunch of the berries.

There they are in our brand-spanking-new chest freezer! Think of all the MEAT this thing will hold!

And here're some other berries.

From the raspberry and black raspberry bushes Dad planted. Now these, I don't know what to do with. (I've never liked raspberries. To me, it's like biting into a big, furry, squashy bug. >_>) We shall see...

More posts will be forthcoming! Next up is the watermelon post!