Thursday, May 19, 2016

Funny time

First, here's another Council redraw for a friend's birthday! Here's the original page requested to be redrawn.

It was MURDER to try and figure a less absurd pose for the seventh panel. But we go.

Yes yes, what joy. And yet more hilarious comics! Here's one I did about a conversation me n Mary were having.

And in conclusion, here's another picture of me and a clown.

Mary had quite a difficult time that day trying to convince me not to run away with the circus...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Absurdity for Mothers' Day

A while back, I offered free picture requests of hot DC male characters. Now my mother doesn't know much about DC, nor does she often find characters hot. (If you're wondering how we're related, I'm just as confused as you are.) However, she happened to remember something I, in a fit of levity, told her about in an old issue of Batman...

...This monstrosity. In 1970, Batman ran a parody of the 'Paul is dead' conspiracy. Yes, this is a real thing that really happened.
Thus, my mother selected that I draw the Batman version of her longstanding crush, Paul McCartney.

Real subtle with the name there, DC...
I don't know why, but they don't seem to have been going for a likeness at all here, though with the other three...

They do seem to at least have been... well... trying to get likenesses. Did I do any better? Here's what I came up with...

With apologies for the horrible 70's background.
This is the picture I was using as reference.

Did I do a better job at likeness than DC? I leave you to judge. And I hope you're happy, MOTHER.

If not, here's flower photos, which she always appreciates.

Dad's garden:


 Mary tells me this thing is grape hyacinth.

Is this a daffodil? Seems a bit flat for that...

This looks more like one to me, but it was just out in the woods by the clothesline.

Here's some wildflowers and tree leaves budding and stuff!

Here are the flowering crab apple trees.

And here's a lil something.

A small, disused nest was on a very low branch by the house, so I cut off the branch and brought it in for decoration. For now I've put the Wooden Shouting Birds of Easter inside, but after Pentecost I'm not sure what will take their place...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Getting ready for summer

Very busy lately! First, here's a picture.

Phoenix Wright and his apprentices, twice over, and one of the series' villains in the background. Not only does this game make brilliant and subtle use of the maxim 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,' but it also proves what is profoundly WRONG with said maxim! 
I could go on about this game series for days if anyone were inclined to but ask me about it...

We haven't had an encyclopedia picture for a while! Here's one!

From the entry on Florida, a catch of sea turtles being hauled in. Boy you wouldn't see this in the encyclopedia nowadays. If only I'd been born earlier. I sure would've liked to be alive to try turtle soup... and somehow I get the feeling it's just not the same when made from snappers.

Teddy bear time!

This is Boris, whom I bought last year at a garage sale which takes place triannually at a former dance hall. Here he sits atop a mound of black dirt we've hauled to the garden. We've got to hurry and get planting!