Friday, April 15, 2016

Mr. Ice

First, here's some more great Easter doings! Like Pysanky eggs!

Yes, I'm still not very good at it. The XB is for 'Христос воскрес,' Russian for 'Christ is risen.'

Here's another angle on 'em.

Also in the works, is our GRAND EASTER GARLAND! consisting of normally (non-pysanky, that is) dyed eggs and fake flowers.

Only managed a lil bit of this before running out of eggs. I've calculated that to cover the whole beam, I'll need seventy more. So I guess instead of blowing out instead of cracking eggs only during Lent, we'll be doing it all year now. (We've gotten rather good at it; the secret it to use one a them baby-snot-remover things!)

We'd decorate with real flowers too, if there were any. So far all we've got is a few crocus (I THINK that's what they are) blooms in Dad's garden.

I'll leave 'em be.

Moving on, the other night I dreamed up a new Batman villain!

Mr. Ice!

Not to be confused with Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Ice was a living vehicle (of some sort) who would go around spreading ice on the roads, and capturing people in his... self.

I was Carrie Kelley in the dream, though my design was a little bit different...

Me and Commissioner Gordon got captured by Mr. Ice! I tried to reason with him.

THAT didn't go anywhere. But soon Batman showed up to rescue us... but I wasn't much help.

And alas! 'Twas too late!

Mr. Ice's real plan was to drive up high and back off a cliff with us in him!

This is the first time I've ever had a 'falling dream.' It might have something to do with all the airplane trips I've taken recently.

Don't ask me where Mr. Ice drove off of that's this high


But then!

Wildcat leaped up and saved me! ...Because, apparently, he had... super jumping powers... in this continuity? 
Also Mr. Ice else was gone.
Hopefully that means no more ice and snow till next winter!

In conclusion!

Here's Pesker Fussy, second of my koala bears! He was bought in Houston at Easter, from a brand new Goodwill store that opened up nearby. Boy did they have a lot of bears... till *I* showed up!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Decadence chapter 4

Forgot to post this earlier! The next chapter of Decadence is up! Read it here!
I did the coloring for this cover. Ain't it grand?

Friday, April 8, 2016

My hair isn't clean much

Halfway decent picture of me in that dang ol' dress.

It's like a big square, this thing!

Here's a Peter Rabbit my Mom got me for Easter.

I'll have an actual substantial post once I've gotten over the Texas Cold!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter joy!

Easter! For this year, we have to step back a bit and recap what all went down.

After the snow melted, everything looked like this.

Beware of the foggy foggy dew!

Pretty dreary. So for some actual spring cheer, since January I've been working on making myself a spring dress.



(I'll take pictures of me actually wearing it sometime when my hair is clean.)
I'm not very good with the sewing, I admit. See, what I'd had in mind was something like this.

But as you can see it turned out looking more like this.

The shape, man. I can't figure out how the shape works.

Anyway, that was ONE of the things I needed to get done before Easter. The other was...

This lil guy! (man, knitting is so much easier...) This clown I made as a present for my brand new nephew (or niece) who will be born in September!! I'm so excited! Finally someone to make toys FOR!

Why did these things need to get done before Easter? Because we went back down to Texas again for it!
(You may think we're doing a lot of that lately, but now we prolly never wiiillll agaaaaiiiin.....)

Here's the sun rising from the Minneapolis airport.

And we got there, and there was Easter, and actual good liturgy. Confessions available on Good Friday! Not having full-immersion Baptisms at Easter Vigil! The St. Lawrence barbeque whereat I got roaring drunk and told enraptured audiences about how I shot my own cat! The kind of great Easter stuff you just can't GET here!

Here's Easter decor around my parents' house.

Here's the quintessential decoration for Easter!

See, usually this Calvary set has statues of Mary, St. John, and Mary Magdalene, and the cross has Jesus on it, but all these statues are removable, so we replace them with a cloth and flowers after the Resurrection. How we're ever going to find our own copy of THIS is a mystery to me...

Here's some flowers around the house!

One appreciates flowers more after living in a land that's winter about six months of the year.

Here's one that's always been my favorite wildflower!

I dunno what it is, but I've always liked it. It didn't grow at our old house, but it does at our parents' new one!

Here's some flowers my sister planted while we were there.

Dunno what those are either.

Here's a green anole biting my hand!

The green anoles make war with the brown anoles, and that's how the blues were born.

And then we returned here, (yes I got bears while there. I got TONS. So they'll be introduced one at a time, but later.) and bought Easter decor that's now on sale! It annoys me though, stores don't go apey over Easter like they do over Christmas, so there isn't even much to offer. However, we did get...

This thing! Which I think is far enough removed from a wreath to not fall under the one-holiday-thing-trying-to-cop-off-a-different-holiday's-things category, like Easter colored candy corn or Halloween snow globes, which I absolutely DETEST.

A bunny! Not bad!

And candy!

 Candy??? It said on the package it WAS candy, but I'm skeptical! (Still even after tasting it.) There was a story in my old school reader like that, about the dubious status of a duck being candy or a toy...

 Here's a few we got last year.

And here's what I- I mean, the Easter Bunny, put in Mary's basket!

A be-overall-ed bunny she has named Sidle Bunny, and a plush Peep! Hilarious, because we don't even like Peeps! Oh you're killin' me! And the cat in the corner there. We only have the one now! And you thought I was kidding about shooting the other!