Friday, March 18, 2016

Obligatory sad Lent DC post

Three years ago, I drew this picture.

It was meant in celebration both of the papal election after the alarming and practically-unprecedented resignation of Benedict XVI, and of crashing the Mode in the show Young Justice, freeing Blue Beetle from the Reach's control, both of which happened around the same time. Given these two apparent improvements on the situations, I was filled with hope and excitement about the ending of the show, and about the papacy. Surely, I thought, now things would start to go better!

But what happened was more like this.

The show ends with the death of the character usually established as one whose death would doom the world, and with impending invasion from Apokolips. Pope Francis has ratified divorce, contraception, homosexuality, and eugenics. He has bolstered attacks on the sacraments, encouraged the heresies of pluralism, modernism, relativism, and the horrifying lie of soul-annihilation, and done nothing to stand against the greatest evil of our time: abortion.

Longing more than ever for someone to come save us this Lent.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nightbear Inspector

Fanart for Shin Mashiba's Nightmare Inspector. I love this manga to pieces, but have done hardly any fanart of it, somewhat due to the fact that they never made it into an anime, so I don't know what colors a lot of things in it are. Hiruko's on the covers of all nine volumes though, so I know his colors.

Anyways, today we went to the commerce and outdoors show at the local highschool. It's kind of like the county fair, except consisting entirely of the boring business booths that you pass by without interest. So why did we go, you ask? One reason, and one reason only.


Here's me standing in front the ferocious grizzly!

Unlike what you might expect of more sentimental womenfolk, the fact that I love bears does not at all impede my enthusiasm for the hunting thereof.

Here's a polar bear too.

They didn't have a black bear stuffed, but they had a skull,

And a skin.

 My uncle has one like this in his basement.

They also had a bunch of other stuffed animals, but those aren't nearly as interesting.


Ok fine we can look at those too.

 And even these wee little fellers!

Taxidermy is one thing I really would like to learn how to do...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

At long last

First, a drawing.

(Warning: Contains spoilers for the game Virtue's Last Reward)

Junpei and Quark. I should practice drawing babies more! Also how cloth looks when it's wet. Though maybe I should go one step at a time and actually get any good at cloth when it's NORMAL... -_-;

But speaking of rain, after several warmish days, a thunderstorm rolled in last night, washing away a great deal of the snow.

Oh my! Could it be???


They tell me not to get my hopes up, as it's still March, but I was too fast for 'em.
Little known fact for fellow Texans: Though they always tell you there won't be snow unless it gets below freezing, that's only for it TO snow. Once it's THERE it's very resilient! It's almost 70 outside right now, and there are STILL patches! Mostly, however, they've become sedimentary ice.

Cool, huh?
Here's me messing around with the macro setting on my camera!

I'd say in Texas spring was mostly it warming up and flowers and trees budding. (Which all happened months ago, I should point out.) Whereas here, the definitive aspect of spring seems to be WETNESS.

It's different than your typical after-rain wetness. It's a lot more pervasive than that! Like, the whole ground is held together by water. Like there's springs bubbling up everywhere, rather than water sitting on top. Hey maybe that's why we call it spring!!

Here's a little stream running through the slush and down the driveway.

And here's the pond melting!

Oh sure we can take the truck out on it...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Nightwing has a BLUE symbol, folks, don't ever let them tell you different

Here's the next picture of a hot DC boy!

From here on they're going to get very silly, I'm afraid. My family takes advantage of my kind offers so absurdly... -_-;

Anyway, here's a panel with Batman and Robin, with Batman ridiculously sighing TWICE IN A ROW.

I mean, how are we supposed to read that? Did he like, take a deep breath, sigh, take ANOTHER deep breath, and sigh AGAIN? Or is he just SAYING sigh... twice? I'm sorely confused...

Anyway, remember Tommy Slip-n-slide?

Well my Dad suggested that his odd pose is reminiscent of these!

Picture from Kokone Bakery's twitter

Kumapan! Bread shaped like adorable flying bears! They make them at Kokone Bakery in Tokyo. Do I want one? Boy, do I ever!