Thursday, February 25, 2016

Belated DC Valentines

Late late late! But nevermind! Continuing the tradition, here's the Valentines group picture!

Here we have (clockwise) Jade & Valmont from Jackie Chan Adventures, Jimmy & Supergirl from... well... Superman originally, I suppose, Junpei & June from the Zero Escape series, Bouncing Boy & Triplicate Girl from Legion of Superheroes, and in the center, Razer & Aya from Green Lantern the Animated Series.
As you can see, most of them this year ended up being from DC. Let's look at some panels from their comic series!

Here's an alarming panel of Jimmy Olsen being eaten by a bear rug.

There was a Donald Duck cartoon I saw when I was little where that happened and it SCARED ME OUT OF MY MIND. Considering that that bear rug and Purple Panda from Mr. Rogers were the two things I was most scared of as a kid, it's kinda weird how I ended up liking bears so much...

Anyway, here's a frankly TERRIFYING panel of Cosmic Boy.


The style them Legion comics had in the 90's was quite uh... well. Those huge irises make him look like some sort of CREATURE.

Razer and Aya were made up for Green Lantern: the Animated Series, so the only panels they'd be in would be the subsequent tie-in comic, of which I unfortunately have none. In absence of that, how bout some DC bears!

All gifts from Casey, who conveniently works at a comic book store! :D They are, from left to right, Batman Bear, Robin Bear, and Krypolar. See, that last one's supposed to be a combination of 'Krypto' and 'Polar,' but it's funny because it comes out sounding like 'Crippler.' Like he's gonna cripple YOU!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Like a bunny

Quick post with only new fairy tale border today.

I've had two of these done for quite some time now, but only just did the third one to complete the set of three.

As par usual, the individual panels can be seen here.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Texas time

Bit late in posting about it, but last week me and Mary were back home in Texas for the ordination of Bishop Lopes! Why am I late in posting? Because we both picked up the Texas flu* while there and have been too busy coughing for a few days.
Anyways, Dad flew us down for the event, (since selling our old house, he's become a VERY RICH MAN, apparently!**) mostly for us to be in the art show at the parish festival.

*Meaning, the flu, when caught in Texas

**not really

Here's with the festival happening.


Here's our display at the art show!

You can see a bit of Fairy Tale border there! I also colored two more pages of the Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book  for the event. Here they are!

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sacred Heart of Jesus

You can see on that one I tried using again the same way of coloring I did on this picture. I'm attempting to revisit styles more.

But back to the festival! Here's the new bishop on a horse.

Am I gonna let non-Texans think this is totally normal everyday stuff there? Sure, why not.

And here's some nice pictures around my parents' new house.

See, in Texas it's not still the dead of Winter! Wow!

And YES I got a bear while there. I'm not a BARBARIAN.

This is Tommy Slip-n-Slide. Don't ask me why he's shaped like this! But you can slide him across the floor real nice! What more could you WANT??