Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stalk toward the lake in your stocking feet and stock it

Christmas prep time! It's looking rather appropriate, as after a few goodly storms...

... We are well and covered.

Also several days with temperatures WELL below zero helped the swamp be much more frozen this year, making our trip to get a tree rather more pleasant. Also we found one that I *personally* think is much better than last year's.

And it was the second one we saw, no less! Whole thing only took about 20 minutes!

On a different day, I made a hurried rush to make this stocking for my nephew.

He did not have one, this being his first Christmas.
The white part on the top there turned out a little weird.

Here's a closeup of the train part!


And here's a brand new bear!

Bremer Bear I won in a silent auction after the fish house parade on black friday. He's DEFINITELY my biggest bear!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Quilt time

Weeks after Halloween...

Days after thanksgiving...

I finally make my Halloween post. ^^;
Yeah, when I said posts every business day until I caught up, just pretend I... didn't.

But anyway! Here it is! My big project for this year's Halloween was... Da da-da DUUH! A full size Halloween quilt!

Actually, there were three big Halloween projects planned, in all, but this is the only one she actually bothered to finish.

Ahahaha. What IS he talking about.

So here we go! First I cut out squares.

Then I confusingly arranged them on top of another quilt.

Then I got a-sewing on the ol' sewing machine.

Here's it about half put together.

Here's it all put together.

Then I made Mary do the backing.

What a great corner!

And here it is all done!

And who can guess why I made it?
That's right! 
Because of this!

So I could do this!!

I *AM* the witch under the quilt!! (I whipped up an orange pillowcase real quick too.)

 Cackle cackle!!

And now we're caught up! So get off my case, Old Bear!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pumpkin time

Ok, I know I said 'daily' postings till I'd caught up... Let's just pretend I meant BUSINESS days. Weekends don't count.

So how bout pumpkins! For the first time ever, our pumpkin plants bore fruit!

There were six pumpkins altogether.

And one stray acorn squash that grew from the compost heap.

The pumpkins grew bigger and bigger!

Then we had to pick 'em, because DEER.

These two were the biggest ones...

...Thus attracting predators.

Anyone who's an animal lover should take up gardening. That'll cure you.

But some of the other ones made it!

Well... two of them seem to have, anyway. I think the other two it was just too early for them to be picked.

Well... two is still a 200% increase in yield! I call it a success!

Here are our jack-o-lanterns of this year.

We didn't grow these ones. More on Halloween in the next post!

Here's some more leaf pictures!

And there was my birthday!

Here's the cake we made me.

See, it's an attorney's badge!

I think it looks just like it!

And speaking of the best game series ever, here's a SPOILERY picture I did right after beating the last game. MAJOR SPOILERS!!

A picture of the three characters that serve as father figures for Apollo. His biological father, Jove Justice (left,) his mentor, Phoenix Wright (middle,) and his adoptive father, Dhurke Sahdmadhi (right.) I cannot begin to describe how awesome they all are. I need to play all the games over again. FOREVER.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Corn pwn

I am SOOOOOOOO behind on this!! I feel ashamed. I will try to do daily postings and catch up!!

Today will be corn post day! This is the first year ever we've had success with it, due largely to a rearrangement of the garden layout.

Beginning of August

A big plot, front and center! This did not bode well for the tomatoes. We've still a lot to learn.

Mid August

Lookit how tall it grew!

Ok that's not saying much, but still.

Here's some of our bountiful harvest!

Still pretty small sized ears, but they tasted jest fine!

And then the field turned brown, as they are wont to do.


So we cut em and we tied em up on the porch for decor!


Which leads into our next post, which will be on pumpkins! In the meantime, here's a few other things.

A giant mushroom on the tree-side!

A tree frog that was living on our screen door this summer. I named him Klavier.

And some fall pictures!


And here's something exciting and new!

A real real wood stove for us! Now we won't die when the power goes out!

And a final thing! I've been told by my constituents to put spoiler laden drawings at the END of posts, so that they can still see the rest of said posts. So here's a recent Ace Attorney fan art of mine! SPOILERS!!


Quick background. Nothin' fancy.

Nother post tomorrow!