Monday, November 30, 2015

A few and some

Ack I'm so behind on the blogging! Here's some things! I'll make more posts soon!

Quick picture I did of characters from my book!

Quick photo of me in a grand Riddler hat Casey got me for my birthday!

And quick picture from the encyclopedia entry on flour, showing anthropomorphized wheat getting made into flour! Mom tells me this was her favorite picture in the WHOLE encyclopedia when she was a kid! What was YOUR Mom's favorite picture in the whole encyclopedia? Ask her today!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

post Halloween times

Thought I'd wait to make a bigger post, but I should prolly just go ahead with what I got.

First is this picture I drew. What does it mean?? Who knows??

Next is this picture I took a couple weeks ago of very interesting lighting.

And then PRESENTLY outdoors...

The snow is finally starting up! Much later than last year! I'm not even sure this will stick...

and lastly!

Meely Bystander, whom Mom got me from Walsingham, England. With her and my other sister having gone to England and Ireland last spring, I am become the ONLY member of my family to have never been outside the USA. And sadly, probably never will...

Aren't you supposed to be talking about Meely?

Hush! Er... yes, well.
Meely is so named for his texture, and the fact that his arms are in a perfect 'don't shoot!' pose. Yes. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween times

Here's our punkins!

Only five this year, cuz it was a rush to finish costumes on time. And such grand costumes they are!

Wirt and  Greg from Over the Garden Wall, our favorite thing ever! (next to highway 169, that is.) Oh the fun we had!