Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

If I don't see the day

First is a picture of Superman X that I drew for my sister!

Reminding me that I've not mentioned on here that I am taking free requests for pictures of attractive DC men! Which is from whence these pictures came!

Want a picture of a fiiine lookin' superhero? (or villain?) Just ask!

(Let's see Mom try to get a picture out of me with THOSE parameters!)

Anyways, Halloween decoration continues!

...Though we might just leave this up year round, depending. It's a quote from Over the Garden Wall, well suited to the environs!

And here's a big surprise!

KITTENS! Got them off a free kitten add in the paper! They've already caught a mouse, so they're earning they're keep... for now. (They might start to look PRETTY TASTY come winter...)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Birthday business

First Mom's birthday, then mine!

For Mom's birthday, she requested I do another Council of Black Haired Men redraw. This here is the page she wanted me to redraw.

So here it is!

Mr. Chaaarlie looks for more horrific than ever before! Happy birthday, Mom!

Next came my birthday! Not hard to guess what most of my presents were!

This gi wearing bear is from my gi wearing brother. I have named him Prairie Wars, much to said brother's befuddlement. He's kinda in horse stance...

And these two are from Mary! The one on the left I name TC Jester, after a street in Houston. TC, obviously, stands for 'The Christmas'... at least in the case of this bear. (I'll go ahead and assume it did for the street name too.) And on the right! He's Adequate. Yes.

And a few non-bear fellows!

This lil hedgehog-wearing-a-butterfly is from my other sister. The hedgehog she got in York, the butterfly at Walsingham, in reference to the fact that my Dad got me this hedgehog in Wales before I was born.

The new hedgehog I have named Tribble. If a blue star with gold edge means mathematical excellence, what does blue butterfly with gold edge mean?

And last but not least!

Bombo the clown! He's great! Here he's happy, but just turn his head around....

Sad clown! This is like, the best thing ever!!

A big thank you all around!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

As autumn colors fall

First, here's a picture!

Fan art for my favorite short story Build-A-Bear! You can guess why I like it! ;)

And here's that ol' laef garland we started last year, and have now greatly expanded upon.

Dipping the leaves in paraffin seems to preserve them pretty well, except the color doesn't really stay. I guess we'll just be making new ones every year!

And here's some tree photos.

Good day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Petris Dulcibus

Over the Garden Wall fanart, because I haven't done nearly enough of that.

Thinking about how one might alternatively translate the phrase in the Latin reprise of Potatoes and Molasses for "candy rocks" as "sweet petrification."


Old Bear here, suggesting that if the author of this blog doesn't want to get all EMOTIONAL all over the floor, maybe she should stop drawing things that MAKE her so annoying upset.

*AHEM!* Moving on!!

Well, speaking of Greg, I really need to get cracking on my Halloween costume! Speaking of Halloween sewing, I made a real live version of the witch under the quilt!

You all remember from last year... Well here's the new one!

Complete with needle-sculpted head! What fun!

As it is, as implied, fall now, here's some leaf pictures.

Speaking (earlier) of candy rocks, on a lighter note, here are some delightful pictures from the encyclopedia entry on candy.

It's like one a them "how people make..." videos they had on Mr. Rogers! Joy! Rapture!