Thursday, September 3, 2015

The witchy woods

Here's a gloomy self-portrait I just did.

I'm very witchy. Remember the fact that I live in a gingerbread house in the middle of the spooky woods?

Exhibit A

 So you see it all makes sense.

Back to the picture, all items except the hat are items I really do have. You ought to recognize most of the bears! All but one, in fact. Ah! but the world is not yet ready to experience the fury of my bearionette. (read: I still need to make his antics into gifs.)

So in the meantime...

This is Carpy Carper. He was obtained by Dad along with Westy Creature. He is probably my most expressive, and definitely most alarmed bear.

On the subject of witchery, here's a panel from a Lois Lane comic.

So apparently, 'finding out you're not a witch' is an accepted, medically submittable cause for PTSD. I hope everyone remembers that and humors me too!

And here we have...

A lovely photo from the encyclopedia entry on trees.

But... wait a minute here...

The people in the background are dressed in contemporary 1950's clothes...

So why is foreground lady dressed like Scarlett O'Hara??
This is either the work of time travel, ghosts, or that lady is trying to Eustacia someone. (ie Make them believe she's some sort of magical being in order to attract them. A pretty darn witchy thing to do!)


Buff Orpington said...

So, if the mysterious and exotic lady manages to Eustacia someone, would you say that he is caught in a vyse?

respicimar said...

Although I don't recognize many items in your self-portrait, I DO note my favorite bear of yours: the little, hand-sewn brown one--shown here beneath the clown. But new Carpy Carper is going to run a close second.