Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Though first here's a picture of Lightning Lad I drew for Mary.

HERE'S Jimmy!

In a hilarious billboard of him and Superman shaking their fists at each other. I don't know if they did this storyline, or any of the many, MANY storylines in which Jimmy turns evil (or there's an evil robot duplicate of him, or what have you) in the 1948 Superman serials, but with the actor they had they SURE SHOULD HAVE!


Here's a nice photo I took of the flatway. The trees are only just starting to color, but they have a bit more since I took this.

Here's Bluish Bear D. who was purchased at a local thrift store while looking for clothes that could be altered into Halloween costumes. Not much luck in that department, but always check for bears!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Na na na na nananana WHA DA DA DA DADADADA!!!

Picture of lil Bruce and Selina in their ball outfits from Gotham! The season 2 premier is tonight and I am SO EXCITED!!

Speaking of,

This here's an old illustration for the poem Darius Green, that they had on the encyclopedia entry for John Trowbridge. Could Darius Green be a forerunner to Batman?!?!

In other news, let's check in on the garden!

We've had great success with our root vegetables this year.



The tomatoes WERE doing well, but our fence is not as deer-proof as would be desired. >_<

And then there are the Things That Never Work. No pumpkins on the plants, two years running, and the corn...

Well okay, at LEAST it's better than last year, when there was absolutely NOTHING.

This was the best one.

We must rethink our planting arrangement, methinks.

To conclude...

This is Butterball, who was got at the ol' thrift store in Houston when we were down for the wedding. Wherever I go, I'm sure to get bears.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Color specific

Here's a picture of Blue Beetle (aka Jaime Reyes) I did for my friend Casey!

Here's some arm warmers I knitted to wear to football games!

I don't have much red in my wardrobe, so every little bit helps! What's difficult is one has to be very precise about the shade of red, as you never know when your opposing team might be just a little different red. (Like some wicked teams I could mention.) 
It's like the difference between what I did draw and if I'd drawn Green Beetle or Black Beetle. Color is a VERY POWERFUL thing!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Here we are. In the middle of it all!

Of the few non-fictional men I would call my heroes, one of those is my Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is the highschool football coach here, and three of his kids (my cousins) are on the team.

Naturally, after we moved here last year, we began regular attendance at the games. Thing is though, as you may have already picked up on, we are huge nerds, and knew absolutely nothing about football.

Fortunately, Dad was there to explain it to us.

Okay so it took a while, but eventually we started to get it. (Losing much nerd-cred in the process.)

So anyway, last year, we went to only one away game, which was against our rival town. (My Aunt has taken to calling it "The town that won't be named.") This town is just a little bit.... *ahem* well, here's basically what happened.

And that's not even going into the ref insulting priests and kicking grandmothers out of the audience.

(Yes, those things really did happen.)

So when we were going to play them at their field again this year, we were all pretty ready to tear them to pieces.

When we got there, the rival fans were all wearing Tshirts with a slogan, which does not bear repeating, directly insulting our team.

I was just about ready to kill something.

(Booster Brown is the bear that comes with me to football games, in case anyone was wondering.)

So the game started happening. It stayed pretty close for awhile. By the time the third quarter started, we were at Rival town: 14, Us: 6.

And right around that time...

Just because I know how it works now doesn't mean I can draw it.

I just figured it was, ya know, the wrath of God against the rival town, but no. Apparently, lightning is SERIOUS BUSINESS, so the game was paused, and everyone was moved off the field.

As it started to rain, we ended up just sitting in our car with our Grandma, whom we had agreed to give a ride home to after the game.

After about half an hour Grandma said,

So Mary said,

What could we say? We silently drove 14 miles back home through the rain. We dropped Grandma at her house, then dismally headed to ours.

And then, of course, we got a call saying the game was resuming.

We kindof maybe sorta went over some speed limits.

But we made it back as third quarter was wrapping up, and just in time to see our team score, thus making the scores tied.

And the scores continued to be tied all the way through fourth quarter. And then came something which Dad had never explained to us.

See, there's still a lot I don't know.

So we went into overtime. (It was about 10:00 pm by now.) The rival team scored, but we blocked them on the conversion. Then it was our turn and WE scored, making it even.

And then we kicked it in.

 And then the scores looked like:

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

The side of the bleachers that had our team's fans basically exploded.

I swear, I haven't screamed like that since I dislocated my knee.

And basically kept on screaming, all the way back to our home field, where had we the celebration!

Met up with our cousins, who were, of course, totally overjoyed about all this.

Those are their happy faces, honest.

And then we went and found Uncle Tom, who was kinda being mobbed, and had a cooler of water dumped on him. (Funny thing; for years I thought you dumped pig blood on the coach...)

I had one of my cousins take this picture.

My hero.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Working on a bigger post. For now, just a picture!

Superman's pal, Superman's best friend, and Superman's hero.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The witchy woods

Here's a gloomy self-portrait I just did.

I'm very witchy. Remember the fact that I live in a gingerbread house in the middle of the spooky woods?

Exhibit A

 So you see it all makes sense.

Back to the picture, all items except the hat are items I really do have. You ought to recognize most of the bears! All but one, in fact. Ah! but the world is not yet ready to experience the fury of my bearionette. (read: I still need to make his antics into gifs.)

So in the meantime...

This is Carpy Carper. He was obtained by Dad along with Westy Creature. He is probably my most expressive, and definitely most alarmed bear.

On the subject of witchery, here's a panel from a Lois Lane comic.

So apparently, 'finding out you're not a witch' is an accepted, medically submittable cause for PTSD. I hope everyone remembers that and humors me too!

And here we have...

A lovely photo from the encyclopedia entry on trees.

But... wait a minute here...

The people in the background are dressed in contemporary 1950's clothes...

So why is foreground lady dressed like Scarlett O'Hara??
This is either the work of time travel, ghosts, or that lady is trying to Eustacia someone. (ie Make them believe she's some sort of magical being in order to attract them. A pretty darn witchy thing to do!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nothin' fancy, nothin' fancy

Next set of fairy tales! You can see them close up here. How long will this go on before it's done?? Even I don't know!

Here's the bear!

Westy Creature my Dad got for me when he was here. He is named (partially) after Adam West. He bumps the number of pandas I have up to three! He also can regularly be heard denying that he's so furry.