Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And 26th!

Picture for my brother's birthday! It's to do with his comic, Adventurers' Guild!

And now an encyclopedia picture.

Here's from the entry on aerodynamics, showing how air moves along the wing of a plane. For some reason the air is some kind of... Humpty Dumpty men.

I couldn't say why.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25th again

It's been one year since we put up the first chapter of Batman Decadence! (Pay no attention to that fact of only one other chapter since then behind the curtain!) In commemoration, here's a little something I've been working on for a very long time.

It is a low relief wood carving of the Decadence Bat symbol.

Art by Mary MacArthur
I printed out the image and made a carbon copy onto the board, one of the guys in my carving group cut out the basic shape for me with the jigsaw, then I gouged out the depressions and shaped all the fancy bits. I really need to learn to take more WIP pictures.

Here's how it looked after sanding but before varnishing.

There was a long time gap between these steps (The above picture was taken at the old house in Houston,) because it took me a long time to obtain a tinted varnish that I liked.

Yes yes, what fun. 

Here's some pictures of some deer in our yard.

Horrible fiends.

Here's something else I just made!

Football season is just starting, so I made this sponge-stamp shirt for attending my cousins' games. The local team is called the Gobblers, but this phrase bizarrely is not the team motto. Hopefully it'll catch on!

Here's a picture from the encyclopedia's entry on algebra.

I feel cheated. Clearly my algebra curriculum should've included far more hatchets and the hurling about of things! No wonder I was no good at it!

And to close, here's a hilarious picture of Jimmy Olsen being punched out by a kangaroo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Of all this I could have been janitor...

First off, here's a picture I forgot to upload until just now.

It's lil Brainiac 5 and Jimmy Olsen dolls I made for my Supergirl cosplay last May. These two are both possible love interests for Supergirl. How she could ever pick between them is a mystery to me!

Anyway though, more recently, I have now been to, and returned from, my brother's wedding in Texas. It all went off with flying colors. Here's a picture:

Here's what I made them for a wedding present.

It's the Couples' Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! As seen here:

Screenshot from Majora's Mask

In my year long absence, it seems the ol' church has really gone to town with the new chancery. Here's a veiw in the courtyard.


But the best part was the mosaic room, with its grand ceiling!

Don't I wish *I* had a ceiling like that!

Here's a closeup.

My goo'ness.

Here's the mosaic of St. Augustine.

Now does anyone else think he looks exactly like...

Screenshot from Lonesome Dove

 Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Call? He does right??? What does it mean??

To wrap up...

Here's Tilliard and Bezdum; wedding bears! I got them at a garage sale last year, and was told they were a wedding present originally. Naturally, they accompanied me to the ceremony, under cover of bag.