Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clown time, part the second

Back in summer I drew this picture as an experiment with crayons.

Okay, I REALLY stink at crayons.
But I liked the composition, so I have redone the picture with colored pencils.

I think that's rather better.

Appropriately enough, here we have...

Clown Bear, who actually belongs to Mary, but she said he ought to be included. She got him for her seventh birthday. He went missing and was found alongside Sleepy Pompous Bear and Plain Bear, just in time for our move up here!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Who's the cutest? Brainiac 5!

I can't believe I've had this blog for more than a year now! Not date-wise, but liturgically; it was Ash Wednesday of 2014 itself when I made my first post, and now we're makin' our way through Lent 2015!
I'm still not sure what I'm doing for my annual Bart Allen comic this year, but getting back into DC is a step in that direction! As such, we've just watched Legion of Super Heroes! It's great!

I drew this picture of Brainiac 5, on account of him being the sweetest most precious lil thing ever!!!

And here's a sweet lil bear.

Baby Anna! (As you can see, written on her foot) She was given to me as a present from one of our neighbors, and was long introduced to people as "my cohort." This was because Baby Bowser's introduction in Mario Party 1 gave me the erroneous idea that the word "cohort" meant: someone with the same name as you but with 'Baby' stuck on the front. Eheheh. ^^;

Friday, February 20, 2015

How to draw a rosary

....Because apparently, no one knows how??? Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen someone draw one correctly, outside of classic religious paintings. Here are three different examples I've found of incorrect rosary pictures, all from professional, published graphic novels.

From Deathnote
Art by Takeshi Obata

While larger beads between decades instead of the standard bead-sectioned-off-by-empty-space is a possible variation, decades do not vary in length from eight to two beads. And going by the amount of said "decades" visible on one side alone, it looks like Mello has a rosary about 18 decades long. 

From Blue Beetle
Art by Andre Coelho

I really don't know WHAT is going on with the beads here, but I do know that we've left out the strand that hangs down from the main structure, making this really more of just a necklace with a cross pendant. (And hey, I don't really have proof that that wasn't the intention, I suppose.)

From Black Butler
Art by Yana Toboso

Looks like we got the hanging down part correct here! but then we've got... a group of one bead, and then a group of two, and then uninterrupted beads around the back? What is the meaning of this??
Admittedly, Sebastian might vaporize on the spot if he touched a real rosary, so maybe he just made a clever substitution with the hope that no one would notice.

I should point out that these are all from things I like, drawn by artists far better than myself, and I don't mean to make fun. (Okay, I do, but only a little) However, the advantage I have here is that I actually am a Catholic, so I know how a rosary works.

Here's a photo of one.

  And here I have drawn up a guide for the structure of one.

As I say in the note, there are other versions, (One decade, fifteen decades, ones with a bead where the medal is etc.) but this is definitely the most common, and easily recognizable type. I hope this may be helpful.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dad, you're not allowed to look at this one

It has spoilers for Unwound Future, you fiend.


I shan't put up the picture until you've left.


Is he gone?


Are you sure?


Ok. We'll give it a try.

 I'm very keen to replay the main trilogy now that I've completed the prequels. 

If you didn't leave, Dad, I'm very put out. >_<

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Boardgame time!

I made this Black Butler style Clue cover!

I have no clue what Soma's sitting on!

I forgot to put this bear with my Valentine's Day post as I'd originally intended!

I introduce you to Bassanio! I got him from a thrift store! I think he must've originally been a Valentine-bear-with-chocolates going by his brand! I named him after the character from my second-favorite Shakespeare play!

I'm done!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An inheritance dispute?





Requested by Mary. Generally she draws hug pictures for me, but we switched it around on you this time!

Bear in next post, I promise.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The least exaggerated comic I've ever made

Been awhile since I've had a comic post! Here's one about my reaction to the last case in Dual Destinies.

I am not kidding you when I tell you that there is not a single thing in the whole of fiction or reality that scares me as much as Kristoph Gavin.

Screenshot is panel 2 copyright Capcom.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You'll find me in the reference section!

I'm still behind on the posting! But today I'll be skipping ahead for my Valentine's picture! Anna won't let a few seizures and ambulance rides stop her!

The Valentine's tradition me and Mary follow is to draw a picture of five different couples we ship. I've been doing so for four years now. In an uncharacteristic act of generosity, I'll show you the old ones!

Here's the one I did in 2012:

It has (clockwise): Charlie Pace & Claire Littleton from Lost, Peter Pan & Maimie Mannering from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, River & Johnny Wyles from To the Moon, Ciel Phantomhive & Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler, and Murtagh & Nasuada from The Inheritance Cycle in the center.


Admittedly I got lazy with the border on this one.
It has (clockwise): May Bird & Lucius from May Bird and the Ever After, Finnick & Annie Odair from The Hunger Games, Ponyo & Sosuke from Ponyo, Sollux Captor & Aradia Megido from Homestuck, and Karkat Vantas & Terezi Pyrope, also from Homestuck, in the center.


This one has (clockwise): Severus Snape & Lily Evans from Harry Potter, John Stewart & Shayera Hol from Justice League, Bolin & Eska from Legend of Korra*, Princess Azalea & Lord Bradford from Entwined, and The Sufferer & The Disciple from Homestuck in the center.

And this year's!

In it we have (clockwise): Wirt & Sara from Over the Garden Wall, Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle from Gotham, Mako & Korra from Legend of Korra*, Clod Iremonger & Lucy Pennant from Heap House, and Apollo Justice & Juniper Woods from Ace Attorney in the center.

I think they show some improvement, mayhap.

*Disclaimer: I only remain a fan of the series Avatar: The Legend of Korra insofar as it can be denied that any homosexual relationship was overtly portrayed within the confines of the show itself. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You'll be Fine


Dear Reader,
Old Bear here, to inform you that Anna "Kindhearted" MacArthur and Mary "Three Handkerchief" MacArthur are both overcome with emotion and will be unable to complete this post. Now if these two CRYBABIES would just vacate my office long enough for me to bring my SQUEEGIE into play... 

Monday, February 9, 2015

The one big and best video game series

A picture I did of Miku Hatsune in the style and pose of Janice Quatlane from Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva!

This is the picture I was copying from:

Cover Art copyright Level 5
You may think this breaks the recent chain of Ace Attorney fanart, but no! For the crossover establishes that the stories have been in the same continuity all along, making it one whole united story! This may seem strange, but it enriches both of them like you wouldn't believe. You really must play both series to grasp the entirety of it's awesomeness. (If I can convince just one person to play these games I'll consider this blog a successful endeavor.)

And so as not to frustrate the audience that's only here for the bears...

Barbary Pleasant was a Christmas gift from Mary. She calls him Chibi Bear. Which do you think is the TRUE name of this cute little fellow?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I missed my calling to be a lawyer's wacky assistant

Uncle Ray from Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 and Ray Of Light from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Hilarious video game crossover! :D

I swear, AA has so many characters that are just too awesome. *_* I must draw them allll.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big news!

I am very, very behind on posting, but that's what happens when you have a surprisingly constant production of pictures (three guesses as to the subject matter) combined with limited internet supply.

For today, I have news of my first ever job as an artist in an official capacity. That is, a commission for several small pictures for Rivershore Books to use on their mainpage. They're right there if you follow the link, so I'll only put a few here.

Yes yes, what fun.
The Ace Attorney picture posts will recommence forthwith. (Gave it away there, I did.)