Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What? A good action scene don't belong at Christmas?

Christmas pictures time!

Here's the tree after being decorated.

Quite an improvement from before! And as we have a smaller tree than last year, it has a better tree to ornament ratio. Here's some closeups.

Here's some other decor!

Not a very big village, but still.

And baking!
For the first time ever, I got the peppermint patty dough to be more DOUGH and less goo. 
In view of this fact, I naturally decided to shape the blue ones into stars.

Here's a plate with all the Christmas treats!

Clockwise! Peppermint patties, Florentines, Peanut butter blossoms, Breathing crackers, Gingersnaps, and in the middle, Acorns. 
As you can see here, Mary made the florentines PRETTY HUGE this year. These were the smallest ones.

...Here's the biggest one.

What am I even supposed to make of this...?

And here's the turkey~!

A whole turkey would be excessive for just us two, so just a breast is fine.

Next time will be about presents!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas prep

Working on many Christmas things! We got our tree on Friday, venturing deep into the not-quite-frozen-enough swamp! We got awful wet and icy, but did, after much sawing with a not very good saw, wrestle this tree into the house.

A lot smaller than last year's and sort of Charlie Brownish, but it's all good.

The only tree skirt we have here is a ratty red felt one, so we set about making a better one.

For such did I learn to use the terrifying sewing machine with its break-neck speed!

Got that done with yesterday.

And I'm working on a few ornaments. Here's one!

More bead knitting. There can never be too many ornaments.

And the lights!

Kept it pretty simple this year. Someday we gotta get some nails up on the eves...

And baking and stuff. No pictures of baking yet! You gotta EARN 'em!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Silly soft stuff

Here we go!

This was yesterday. There's been about two more inches accumulation since. Now if it'll just stick around till Christmas!

In celebration of snowfall, here's some doodles I did of Dipper from Gravity Falls (which takes place significantly in the summer, but still.)

Now I have Christmas things to attend to! Away with you!

Friday, December 11, 2015

No I didn't think so

As predicted, the snow is once again GONE.

What a quandary! Well I lived through 19 snowless winters already. Another one won't kill me.

Anyways, continuing my DC-boys-free-requests, here's a Superman I drew for my sister-in-law!

I think these backgrounds are getting a little complicated...

As such, here's a crazy thing! The encyclopedia entry for comics has a panel from Superman! It's BOTH AN ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRY AND AN OLD DC PANEL!! Whaaaat!!

One thing kinda weirding me out about it; it says copyright 1946 there on the right, but in the bottom left of the picture...

For reasons unknown, it says 1995, which is a full 39 years after the publication of this encyclopedia. Is it PLOT related?? Did Superman time-travel to the year 1995, when we labeled all our clouds by what year it was? Was it the PAGE number? (Wow, long issue!) The artist's signature? (I am unaware of any Superman artist who was named 1995, but you never know) or WHAT? If anyone has any explanation for this I'd love to hear it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Maybe ACTUALLY winter now?

First off here's a picture I just did.

And that's enough city skylines for a while!

Since I had last mentioned, all reported snow had melted, but today we got a good two inches.

Grand, ain't it? It's pretty warm though. Don't know if it will stay even now!
But before it melts, I quickly put together this here snowbear.

I name him Handsome Grumble. He's quite merciless.

And in conclusion,

Here's my Mom's LEAST favorite picture from the encyclopedia; a sandblaster, from the entry on Disease. She always said it scared the crud outta her.

Monday, November 30, 2015

A few and some

Ack I'm so behind on the blogging! Here's some things! I'll make more posts soon!

Quick picture I did of characters from my book!

Quick photo of me in a grand Riddler hat Casey got me for my birthday!

And quick picture from the encyclopedia entry on flour, showing anthropomorphized wheat getting made into flour! Mom tells me this was her favorite picture in the WHOLE encyclopedia when she was a kid! What was YOUR Mom's favorite picture in the whole encyclopedia? Ask her today!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

post Halloween times

Thought I'd wait to make a bigger post, but I should prolly just go ahead with what I got.

First is this picture I drew. What does it mean?? Who knows??

Next is this picture I took a couple weeks ago of very interesting lighting.

And then PRESENTLY outdoors...

The snow is finally starting up! Much later than last year! I'm not even sure this will stick...

and lastly!

Meely Bystander, whom Mom got me from Walsingham, England. With her and my other sister having gone to England and Ireland last spring, I am become the ONLY member of my family to have never been outside the USA. And sadly, probably never will...

Aren't you supposed to be talking about Meely?

Hush! Er... yes, well.
Meely is so named for his texture, and the fact that his arms are in a perfect 'don't shoot!' pose. Yes. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween times

Here's our punkins!

Only five this year, cuz it was a rush to finish costumes on time. And such grand costumes they are!

Wirt and  Greg from Over the Garden Wall, our favorite thing ever! (next to highway 169, that is.) Oh the fun we had!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

If I don't see the day

First is a picture of Superman X that I drew for my sister!

Reminding me that I've not mentioned on here that I am taking free requests for pictures of attractive DC men! Which is from whence these pictures came!

Want a picture of a fiiine lookin' superhero? (or villain?) Just ask!

(Let's see Mom try to get a picture out of me with THOSE parameters!)

Anyways, Halloween decoration continues!

...Though we might just leave this up year round, depending. It's a quote from Over the Garden Wall, well suited to the environs!

And here's a big surprise!

KITTENS! Got them off a free kitten add in the paper! They've already caught a mouse, so they're earning they're keep... for now. (They might start to look PRETTY TASTY come winter...)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Birthday business

First Mom's birthday, then mine!

For Mom's birthday, she requested I do another Council of Black Haired Men redraw. This here is the page she wanted me to redraw.

So here it is!

Mr. Chaaarlie looks for more horrific than ever before! Happy birthday, Mom!

Next came my birthday! Not hard to guess what most of my presents were!

This gi wearing bear is from my gi wearing brother. I have named him Prairie Wars, much to said brother's befuddlement. He's kinda in horse stance...

And these two are from Mary! The one on the left I name TC Jester, after a street in Houston. TC, obviously, stands for 'The Christmas'... at least in the case of this bear. (I'll go ahead and assume it did for the street name too.) And on the right! He's Adequate. Yes.

And a few non-bear fellows!

This lil hedgehog-wearing-a-butterfly is from my other sister. The hedgehog she got in York, the butterfly at Walsingham, in reference to the fact that my Dad got me this hedgehog in Wales before I was born.

The new hedgehog I have named Tribble. If a blue star with gold edge means mathematical excellence, what does blue butterfly with gold edge mean?

And last but not least!

Bombo the clown! He's great! Here he's happy, but just turn his head around....

Sad clown! This is like, the best thing ever!!

A big thank you all around!