Thursday, September 25, 2014


Picture of Addie and Rhys from Gail Carson Levine's The Two Princesses of Bamarre. I've had this in the works for quite a while and finally got around to finishing it.

And since it's a picture of woods, and I've got more photos of woods, you can look at them, because why not.

I suppose you think I've run out of bears, and that's why all the posts recently have been about ones I've just bought. Think I'm falling behind the times, do you? Well you'd be wrong. I'm biding my time...

This is Saint Exupéry. Obviously, he is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, one of the greatest books ever written. Saint Exupéry was bought at a few years ago from a thrift store in a grab bag of toys, though his scarf proclaims him to have originally been from the National Naval Aviation Museum, which is apparently in Florida, where I have never been. One wonders how he ended up from there to here...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hope follows Courage

Li'l picture in celebration of the end of a very stressful and unsuccessful attempt at this thing they call being grown up. Eheheh. Looking for a new job now. I wish I could live off my art, but there's no prospects in that area as of yet. Until I get my big break (haha yeah right,) I'll need to find something to pay for books, video games, and cartoons (and maybe food, if there's money left over) in the meantime. And the best of luck to me.

Also reason to celebrate: It's fall! My favorite season! And here there's frankly quite a bit more fall colors than in Houston. Here's some pictures.

The chickens are acceptable.

Potato plants in tire stacks. ...It's an experiment.

There's still a fair amount of green. I'll keep taking pictures throughout.

And in conclusion:

Tobby was recently purchased at one of the many local second-hand stores. What caught my attention about him was that he looks just like...

This raccoon, who I don't believe ever had a name. Him I got at a gift shop somewhere near Carlsbad Caverns when we went there when I was about 6. I did some looking up, and found that they are both made by Swibco, which had a whole line of these little roundimen called "Puffkins." How interesting.

It does make one wonder whether Tobby's legs are supposed to be the front ones or the back ones...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quite belated

Birthday present for my brother. Not as smooth as I would've liked, but that always seems to be the trouble with black...

And here's the latest addition to my bears!

Barker was bought at an antique shop in Crosby. He seems to be stuffed with upholstery foam and styrofoam, so he's very stiff. As such, he makes a lovely foot rest, though when my foot bumps him, I always think for a moment it's my old dog, and expect him the go grumbling off at being disturbed. 

There's a picture from a few years ago, of me and aforementioned old dog.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gotta find water soon...

Hello, all. I haven't posted as often as I should, because I've been having some of the most miserable, busy, draining weeks of my life, and been left with no time/energy to draw. But that will all be over soon, and then I can get back to it. Until then, here's a photo post.

This has been the second rainiest summer in memory, so the mushrooms are everywhere.

Including ones that just look like loaves of bread.

Look at these things! They're ridiculous!

Also cuz of the rain, I've noticed more frogs and snakes this year than ever before. (Sorry, didn't get any pictures of those. (Mary did though.)) 

Remember the chicken men? They're all growed up now.

No eggs yet. I'm patient though.

And the garden! Eheheh. Heh... It's kind of scraggly.

Cabbages haven't really formed heads. Dunno if they will.


Carrots. Not the best picture.

 Corn didn't do too good. There's also pumpkins there, but as they didn't put out a single female flower that I could find, we won't be getting any actual pumpkins.

Tomatoes are doing okay. 
We processed a bunch of 'em yesterday.

We also picked some turnips and beets.


And here's some wild plumbs and grapes we found that we're gonna plant the seeds from.

Yes yes, what fun.