Monday, August 25, 2014

Decadence chapter 1 released

Art by Mary MacArthur

It's finally here! At last! At last! Me and Mary's Batman goth loli doujinshi! Follow the link to read chapter one! If you like Batman, or goth loli manga, or hugs, or oblique thematic references, or you're just bored, then I invite you to take a gander. We hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fan art of books no one's ever heard of

I'm thinking of so titling a series of pictures, as I read a lot of obscure books...

This one's from Lian Tanner's Keepers Trilogy.
I don't think Pounce is really supposed to always be wearing his festival mask, but I imagined him so doing.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long awaited bigger post

I've spoken before of my love of the band Typhoon. I've done one or two pictures relating to their songs. I've speculated about what it would be like to have them play at one's wedding. I've told you what bear came with me to the concert of theirs I attended last October. I even threw in a reference to them in, of all places, this comic. Perhaps now is the time to do something more lengthy. No, I don't mean a brilliant essay on the profundity of their songs. That I leave to those who do it well. And what do I do well?

I do incredibly stupid comics.

This is a comic about a dream I had with Typhoon in it. (WARNING Mega eerie weirdness ahead.)

In my dream, I was with my friend Casey, attending a Typhoon concert.

At some point, when they were playing 'Banjolelelele,' Dave Hall started teaching Casey how to play his guitar.

Then during 'Reed Road' I noticed that Kyle Morton had mysteriously vanished.

(Don't ask me who was singing. It was a dream!)

Then I noticed that also in the audience was the Fat Man, villain of the 1983 terrible movie, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

But in the dream, he was a Batman villain instead.
I started to psychoanalyze him.

  Apparently though, villains don't like it when you psychoanalyze them out loud to their faces.

I sought help from the first available person!
Who just happened to be Kyle Morton, who had somehow reappeared.

 Now here's some true facts about me. I CAN juggle, but only balls, hackey sacks, bean bags etc. I never leaned how to do pins.

I tried...


Kyle started to walk away in shame.

But then!


I did it!! I juggled them!!

Kyle was happy!

Casey was happy!

The Fat Man was happy!

I was happy!!!

So very happy...

...And then I died (woke up) from blood loss.


Haha, so what did that really have to do with my love of Typhoon even? It was just a loony dream, is what it was.

When I was in Chicago two weeks ago, I got to see them live again. And that means that I, like my dream self, can die happy.

(With apologies to Typhoon. (Please Dear Lord don't ever let them find this comic...))

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I still resent it for beating Two Towers...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I was in Illinois over the weekend. I have a bigger post about all that planned, but at the moment I'm neck deep in illustration work for my secret-book-no-one-must-ever-seeeeee!!!!, so I'll just give you this li'l taste of how we spent most of our time there...

I swear, they should get a prize for cleverness in concealing their street signs.