Monday, September 17, 2018

The beginning of fall

The first signs of fall are a-showin'! Here's some pretty pictures.

Here's a tree down the road that for some reason has only changed color enough to form this happy smile!

It's the happy tree! Like that TV painter always talked about!

Here's some mushrooms I found that look just like sesame seed buns!

Check 'em out...

See what I mean? I draw up a model for you.

I wonder if I could trick someone with it...

Here's some pretty crab apple trees down the road from us.

They're LOADED down!

Speaking of, for the very first time ever, one of our very own apple trees bore fruit!

Here's me picking it.

Here it is picked!

What bounty!

And speaking of bounty, check out this great harvest of corn!

We did the whole garden just corn this year. (and a few beans) And this is just part of it!

What could be finer.

For bears this time, how 'bout these great garage sale finds!

Plutis appears to be a very old-timey animatronic of sorts. He has a healthy breakfast of bread and coffee and what looks like a shiv where his left hand used to be. I can't figure out what he's supposed to do, as putting a D battery into the stump there (which is the size that fits, though there's no written indication anywhere. The only thing it says anywhere on this is 'Made in Japan') didn't do anything. But oh well, he's still charming.

And here's a wondrous teddy bear lamp I got!

Isn't it nice? Here's a closeup.

 Whatever was originally on that round platform had broken off and was missing, so I just added a parade of dollhouse teddy bears. When you wind the platform, it turns and plays a music box song, but I don't know what the song is... (I would think the Teddy Bear Picnic would be the obvious choice, but it's not that, unless there's some alternate tune I'm unaware of.)

Here it is lit up!

I think someday I'd like to paint a picture of it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Raspberry jam time

Catching up attempt! Here's something we did this summer!

Our raspberry bushes have really taken off!

There are normal type

And black type.

As I've mentioned previously, I don't like raspberries, but I still like making stuff out o' stuff, so here we went! We picked quite a few!

And we set about making them into combined jam.

The finished product.

And here's the bear!

This here Rilakkuma was given to me last Christmas by Mary, and named Beary Bear by my boyfriend, owing to the redundancy of its costume.

Good day!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Summer Broken!

Guesss what!! Today is the day my brother has published his book!

It's a great summer-time adventure about a boy who RUNS! It has thrill! And baseball! And a haunted house! And surreal happenstance!

And to top it all off, the interior illustrations are drawn by none other but MYSELF!!

What's going on here??? To learn the answer to that, and see the full pictures, and all the rest of the pictures, and read the epic adventure, you'll just have to BUY THE BOOK!!

Buy one! Buy twelve!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A dress for Loopy

Short post today. Working on a bigger one. Had to get this one done before Pentecost, don't you know old chum.

Here I've made a dress for Loopy, as mentioned previously that she needed.

Yes that's better.

And here's the Pysanky eggs I made this year!

I keep tryin'!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Birthday and Easter

First thing that happened was my boyfriend came to visit for his birthday!

Don't you laugh at my silly attire and accessories! I'm not well.

So here's what I made him for a present!

Lil knit dolls of the cast of Smash Brothers 64! How 'bout that.

And here's the cake I made him!

It's based on this place from Ocarina of Time.

Screenshot copyright Nintendo

...And finally got confirmation that it is, in fact, the best yellow cake recipe!

After that, we come to Easter! Here's what we came up with for the beam.

Mostly just our Easter garland, and stuffed bunnies are added.
And in the middle,

Dad got us this cross which is usually a Crucifix, but the Corpus is removable, like the one they have back at home

Also in the post linked above is my terrible attempt at making a spring dress a few years ago. Aha, but THIS year, I've actually gone and done made a GOOD dress!

Improved the shape by making a pattern from one of my existing dresses. Here's me wearing it.

I wore it to Easter Vigil! ...Which may have been ill advised, considering it's been 15 degrees and still covered in snow...

Anyways, here's what I got in my basket!

And her name is going to be...! ...Loopy. She's in a dress borrowed from one of Mary's dolls right now, as the one she came with was aftermarket, glue spotted, and too black and somber for Easter. I guess I gotta make her a new dress too!