Sunday, October 21, 2018

Witchy attempt 3?

Tricked you! you thought I was done yacking for a while! The beam witches have had their day, yes, but still... read on!

To start, since we'll be in Houston for my sister's wedding for Halloween, I elected to do all of our ordinary Halloween activities on my birthday! We ate apples and doughnuts from strings, and we carved jack-o-lanterns.

This is the one I made.

And this is the one Mary made! An interesting thing that happened with it is that the candle was too tall, which scorched the top, and smoke came POURING out the eyes! It was a neat effect.

Then I made me this birthday cake.

With peanut butter frosting. I then took some wax paper and cut out a face...

Laid it on top, melted some chocolate...

And applied!

Whether or not this was any easier than just frosting free-hand... *shrug*

But where's the witch? You still wonder. Well, before aforementioned trip for Halloween, I worked all in a hurry to get this done!

My brand new Halloween dress! I sewed it all in about a week. I'm very proud of myself. So in the most shocking twist yet, the next witch... is ME!

So we may have done our Halloween festivities already, but this is coming down to Houston with me for the day itself! Mwahaha!!

And here's some more fall pictures. Because I care.

Now I am met once again with the question of what to get as a wedding present... hmm...

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Witchy attempt 2

The Halloween beam post! It's as complete as it's going to get this year, so how 'bout it!

To start, let's look at the process of making a haunted house facade!

Took a piece of cardboard, cut it down to size!

Painted it...

Refined the painting, adding a door and fake 3d shadings.

Then I made it a tiny front porch out of some wood and leftover shingles from having our roof redone this summer.

Attached it...

Boarded up one window...

Added the roof, and a few more details...

...And we were good to go! This photo is, however, AFTER I got it done, put it up, it promptly fell right back off and smashed to pieces and I had to do a huge amount over again, but! Now it's tacked down with a nail and shan't fall again!

On to the rest of the beam! This is the far left. Moving right...

The Graveyard! Mary got me the gravestones last year. For the ghosts, I tore pieces from a ratty old dish towel and sponge-stamp-painted the faces, then spent a huge amount of time trying to make wire basket-y domes to drape them over... only to find that putting a plastic ball on top of a pillar candle worked way better. I hope to add a coffin with a vampire next year.

In the center! Ah ha! HERE'S the witch! I caved and bought another. Her name is Guida. Since her sisters are absent, I had to get creative with the surrounding details. Thus I added a black cat that I'd not named before but I now name Bobby Socks, and some food-color potion bottle ingredients.

The pum'kin patch! Got all the pumpkins last year, but the vine I purchased this year. Really ties it all together.


Cornshock and also a dead tree. Dad found this very nice branch for me this summer, which I have decorated with a crow and spanish moss. For the cornshock I found some nice tassled grass and tied it around a paper towel tube. Next year I hope to add a scarecrow!

So that's the beam! Here's a few fall pictures as well.

More to come!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Witchy attempt 1

I'm in the process of preparing for Halloween's great holiday  beam  display! (Halloween has no Advent or Lent to it, so I feel no compunction about decorating the moment it's October.) My plan for the Halloween beam centerpiece was three witches gathered around a cauldron like Macbeth. Unfortunately, the only part of this I had was... the cauldron.

So I set about figuring how I'd make me some witches!

I had the notion of trying to make shrunken apple heads for them... (with wire armature bodies and clothes I would sew.)

NOT how mine turned out...

I looked up some instructions, and set about attempting it!

Got some apples...

Peeled 'em...

And carved 'em into faces.

At this point I was thinkin' they were lookin' pretty good. Next step was to dry them.

...But either I had some faulty instructions, or we live in a faulty climate, cuz...

Yeehhck! So... onto the compost pile these went.

My next thought was to make them round cushions for heads I would then needle sculpt into faces, like I did for this witch here...

 (Again with wire armature bodies and clothes I would sew.)

However, I'd yet to get started on any of that when I took my sudden trip to Houston last month. Thing about Houston is, being a quaint metropolitan city, it's FILLED with stores. On the one day of my trip where I was not distracted by more important things, I was treated to a trip to the local thrift store. Though I was planning the MAKE the witches, I had been keeping my eyes peeled for anything suitable every time I went shopping. And lo and behold, I found these two beauties!

I named this one Big Head Bethel

And this one Lollioda

They were just what I wanted!
...But then came the problem of flying home via an airline that doesn't have free carry-on, and having no room in the small backpack serving as my personal item to cram these lovely ladies. So alas! They had no choice but to remain behind. But don't you worry, friends, I'll see you again soon, as I will, in fact, be BACK in Texas FOR Halloween!! Well, I'm actually there for my sister's wedding, but that week just happens to have Halloween in it too. (More on that later.)

But as for the ol' beam back here in Minnesota, it's still bereft of its witches, and knows not WHAT to do!


(To be continued?)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Texas surprise

About a month ago my boyfriend was planning a trip to Texas. Now, since the two of us don't live anywhere near one another, this wasn't going to affect me much...

...Except for the fact that the trip covered two weekends, which is when we usually skype.

Needless to say, I feeling just a little down.

Just for a lark, I thought I'd look up plane ticket prices for me to go down to Texas too and see him.

 I knew though, that, at two weeks before the trip, tickets would be pretendously expensive.


...They weren't.

After some deliberation, I decided to go for it! Pop down for the last weekend of his stay in Texas and we could meet up!

But then Anna got a wonderful, awful idea.

I decided

I wouldn't tell him at all.

I'd sneak down

And SURPRISE him!!!

Then came two weeks of phonecalls wherein I had to pretend to still be forlorn and pining, and not at all sneaky or conniving.

There was a great deal of scheming going on behind his back all the while. I had to make all sorts of plans with my Dad and sister in Texas, and with HIS sister in Texas so we could contrive to arrange the whole thing. More than once I thought to myself, 'this was a really REALLY bad idea...' but it was too late to change my mind!

Then it came! The day before my flight! We were going to have to get up at 3:00 AM to drive to the airport, so I washed my hair and put it in curlers, set out my pretty blue dress that he likes me to wear, and went to bed at 8:00 PM

...And proceeded to stay awake until 3. I guess I was a little nervous. Over the past few years, I've developed an intense dislike of flying. Fortunately, the flight turned out to not be so bad.

...Well mostly.


Both my Dad and my sister were at work when my plane got in, so my sister sent her fiance to pick me up.
Unfortunately, I'm REALLY bad at the hustle and bustle of curbside pickup.

But he got my attention by waving his hat.

Now it was a bit odd, as I'd only ever interacted with this man once before, which was before him and my sister got together. But he seemed jolly enough.

In fact, he kind of resembles a jollier version of my Dad.

Anyway, I was dropped at my Dad's house, which was weird because no one was there.

Right away, I set about making a pie. You know, as one does.

After that was done, I was feeling pretty burnt out from all the pie and travel and whatnot, and not having gotten any sleep the previous night. (Not to mention Houston's standard 90+ temperature...)

I tell you it is WEIRD to arrive at one's plane-trip destination and then be alone in a house waiting for people to get home.

And then once my sister and her fiance got there, we started planning for my boyfriend coming over that evening in earnest.
I would hide, then when he wasn't looking, I'd sneak out behind him and surprise him. To inform me when he wasn't looking, my sister devised a codeword.

My boyfriend's sister texted me when they were two minutes from the house so I could get ready.
I hid around a corner.

Then they got there and GOOD GRAVY THERE HE WAS.

And there I was, having to stay hidden!! I told myself, it's ok, you'll be able to go out to him in just a second.
...Or so I thought.

They couldn't get him to face the right way!!!! Thus began the longest minutes of my life. (I would swear it was hours.)

It went on...

And on...

Until finally... (thankfully before I'd completely lost it.)

THE CODEWORD!!! I quickly composed myself as best I could, (Not very well) slipped out, and...

For what happened next, I have some screenshots from the video we recorded with a hidden camera.

And all of a sudden it was all worth it.

We had that whole evening together. He was kind of stunned for a good while, but he got over it! XD It was just wonderful. Being in a long distance relationship is hard. It's REAL hard. Sure you can talk, and with modern skype technology, some might say it's easier than it's ever been before, but there's nothing that comes close to just BEING together.

(There's the pie I made!)

He posted about it later on Facebook, and he said it was 'one of the happiest moments of (his) life.'

Mine too. <3