Saturday, March 3, 2018

Two of two!

And here finally I've gotten around to the other promised Valentine's Day picture!

Here we have (clockwise) T.K. Takaishi & Kari Kamiya from Digimon, Evelyn & Paultin from Dice Camera Action, Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman, River Song & the Doctor from Doctor Who, and in the center King Sam & Queen Anna from Goofatopia. I did warn you last year that that was the ship I was most enthusiastic about...

And what do we have here why we have the card he sent me for Valentine's Day!

Covered in bears, as you can see. This man knows me well...

As for other decor, all I could really manage was taking a bunch of old cards I had from when I was like 8 and everyone in class had to give them to everyone else, so those I just stuck up on the beam, and then used this lil mailbox my Grandma gave us as a centerpiece.

Works for now.

You know what we haven't met a new bear for quite some time!

This is The Pied Pieman. I got him spinning the prize wheel at the fair last summer. If you're wondering how I always get such great prizes at it, the answer is that it only costs a quarter to spin it, and only a quarter more to spin it again, and so on and so forth till I get what I want.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

One of two Valentine's Day posts

I don't have the annual  Valentine's  shipping picture ready just yet, but I did draw my *personal* Valentine for this year. It is based on this photo, which was taken by my boyfriend's mother last September, and then she framed it all nice and everything and sent it to me as a Christmas present.

I set about copying it, but in more of my Tiny Terrors style!

Not totally pleased with how it turned out, but he said he liked it, and that's the important thing. :)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

By Your Broken Eyes

Hasty fanart I did awhile ago, hastily, of Nate Sharp's music video for his song All I See.

And here's the video for you. To watch.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fake gingerbread house time

There was one OTHER thing we lacked for our great beam display! A gingerbread village! So we set about making one. I didn't take nearly as many WIP pictures as I should've done, but here goes. Here we've made the pieces.

We used the same salt dough recipe as we used a few years ago for our fake cookie Christmas tree ornaments, except replacing the 1/2 Cup water with 1/2 cup strong tea for the color.

Next we set about making some of the candy ornamentation.

Mints of painted sculpey and jelly cookies of salt dough and string gel!

Here are sculpey candy canes wrapped in tape for painting.

Here are sculpey hersheys kisses and MORE salt dough cookies for fake peanut butter blossoms.

Here's just some supplies!

And then here's some other cookies for off the house decoration.

only the big ones though; the small ones were just to use up dough, and we'll use them later.

Here's everything laid out to be assembled.

And here it is glued to its ersatz-3D cardboard backing!

What really sells it is our grand use of the best thing ever; SPACKLE! It can be used with a pastry bag tip for genuine frosting shape!

The most realistic thing!

And here are the other things!

The tree laden with treats! 

And some men!

And here it is all together on the beam!

Ain't it grand??

In other news, in the out of doors, here's a snowman.

We made Raul Bunyan one of the few days it was warm, but it was SO warm that his head fell off, and then it got cold again and so we just have two frozen lumps with two sticks sticking out. Well, there you go.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Catching up to Christmas

Oh ho ho... It's been awhile, hasn't it? ^^;

Christmas! Let's go!

Here's the tree when we first got it.

Checkout all that bounty...

Here it is decorated.

The bounty sadly gone...

But here's one of said bounty!

Blue Brother Claus I got as a present from my boyfriend's mother.

Here I've drawn him on the thank you note I sent her.

There are light blue snowflakes stamped around the sides, but they don't really show up...

Anyways, my biggest project this year was decorating the beam!!

This lovely beam makes for some great shop-window-display style decor.

Here's the detail shots!

As you can see, we still need a Mrs. Claus. I'm keeping a detailed list of what all yet needs to be obtained!

Got this elf at the thrift store. The man at the checkout just referred to him as Stuffy as though it were a given, so that's his name.

They've got a little tree! 

Ideally, I'd like to have this angel atop a nice big Nativity in the middle, but that's also in the 'yet to be obtained' category.

I also need eight tiny reindeer! (That one there is TOO tiny, though...) You'd think fancy reindeer would be a standard holiday decoration, but I've had no luck finding any.

You've already met True Bear on the right there. The smaller one left of him is Punjab

And Bumbly Snowman rounds out the cast.

There's much more to do, and I will do it, in the time before us! And EVERY holiday shall have a shop-window beam display!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Catching up to Halloween

First of all here's two more Ace Attorney alphabet pictures!

C for Clay Terran!

D for Dick Gumshoe!

Then here's fall pictures!

 We planted morning glories in the spring and they didn't bloom until now. Go figure.

The deer ate our pumpkins again. They'll get theirs...


...And I'll just leave that above line that my cat typed while I was on the phone... Moving on!

Halloween decorating! In grand tradition, here's this year's witch under the quilt!

Adelaide from Over the Garden Wall! That's how you know it's the best Halloween thing ever; there ACTUALLY IS a witch under a quilt!

Screenshot copyright Patrick McHale

I then knitted up this here pumpkin! 

I didn't have a pattern, but the facial design is copied from a likewise knit one we had when I was a kid.

And Halloween spills over into my still unexplained quest to find the perfect yellow cake recipe!

See, it would look like a candy corn when cut. Pretty clever, eh what? (This was the best recipe so far too!)

And with our our decor, here's the house dressed to the nines!

The Halloween nines! Which are uh... pumpkins, witches, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, bats, spiders, candy, and... cats? 
So maybe our house is only dressed to the Halloween threes. Or maybe fours.

What is definitely NOT a Halloween nines is...

...How it looks since last Friday. D: It's too early for winter wonderland! That mischievous snow isn't following the rules!

Well, here's a mischievous cat to go with it, even if she isn't really black enough to be a Halloween nine cat.