Thursday, February 20, 2020

A taste of Valentines

Valentine's Day! Love is in the AIIIR~! I haven't finished my annual Valentine's Day shipping picture yet, but here's some other things!

My fiance sent me a card...

...and flowers. <3

I sent him fudge, but I didn't take a picture, and I'm reliably informed that it is 'long gone' by now.

Also on the our-romance-front, now that wedding invitations have officially been sent out, I can show the final design for the invitation!

Yes, this was the one he picked, which is probably the most similar to the illustrations in the book.

Also on the 14th is my Grandma's birthday. I made her this cake.

It was an orange cake, and the flowers I did with this set of Russian piping tips my sister got me for Christmas.

Check out all their majesty...


Here's a bear!

Puppet bear! He has several names, depending on who's puppeteering him. When Mary does he's Morning Freshface, when Dad does he's Old Husk, and when I do he's Jack in the Pulpit Preaching to the Choir. Yes.

And we'll end with the next Katrielle dessert, which was back in fall when it was appropriate.

Episode 16: Katrielle and the Pandas' March
Dessert: Caramel apples

I didn't use a recipe so much as throw caramels in a pot with a generous slopping of evaporated milk. Dunked apples, almonds for the one, glaze frosting for the other, here they are!

Verdict: I actually really liked them, which I wasn't expecting, because I'd hesitantly tried them in years past and not liked them because I made no effort to, but now I do! It all worked out. 

Valentine's shipping picture soon!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Not Candlemas yet!

So Christmas post! Who's to stop me?!

Here's a snowman named Wistful Widemouth. He's been buried since.

Here's the Christmas tree when we first got it.

So tall!

Here it is decorated.

Personally, I think it's the best tree we've ever had. It's hard to capture in photography though, with the lighting, here's an experiment.


Here's sugar cookies!

Here's somethings I got for Christmas!

Lil Cheburashka! Beloved Russian cartoon entity! And a gorgeous St. Basil's music box that plays 'Moscow Nights'

Then came New Years! Here's the spread!

That lil bowl of bright orange in the middle is caviar I got my dad for Christmas! I thought it tasted AWFULLY FISHY. And on the far right are a mincemeat pie and a trifle I made! I liked neither of them!

Here's something I did this year; took pictures of ALL the Nativities!

Here's the original one of my childhood!

Here's the one we bought when we moved here, put under the little tree in my room.

Here's the one I got for to take away with me when I move out, put under the big tree.

Here's the one at the church we go to most of the time.

And here's the one at the church where we go for monthly Latin Mass!

And here are the King Cakes for Epiphany! Made three this year; one for each!


I know I've been very sluggish with updating here, but I resolve to be better about it! I got big plans this spring, so I gots tah build the HYPE! Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 14, 2019


So here's the late Thanksgiving post! We'll start off with decorating.

My plan for the Thanksgiving beam revolved around little animals gathering a feast.This was all based on my favorite childhood Thanksgiving-associated-childhood-thing: Lame Squirrel's Thanksgiving, found in the the legendary Bumper Book.

Art by Eulalie Minfred Banks

I did always used to think that mouse's tail came off from the pulling and they had to patch it back on there...

To do this, last year I went to the annual-Christmas-kiosk-at-the-mall-that-sells-real-furs! Because because because because beCAAAAUUSE~ they sell the faces for cheap since they're not coats! I therefore planned to use these real real faces together with fake fur and wire armature to make darling wee animals.

As it turned out, I only ended up having time to make one, but I think he turned out lovely!

Meet Jimmy Skunk. Ain't he cute?

I wanted to give him a surrounding setting based on this one illustration from my OTHER main childhood-Thanksgiving-thing: A Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Art by Diane de Groat

So I made him a clothesline, gave him some toy macaroni and cheese on toast for his meal, and set him up on the beam.

Also on the beam!

Mary's wicker raccoon, who gave me the idea for this

...And a cornucopia, and hefty stuffed turkey. Looks pretty good!

Speaking of cornucopia, I saw this great idea on the interwebs for making a bread one, so I tried that!

I think it turned out great! I think I'll do it every year!

Here it is with fall tablecloth.

The other thing I baked for the holiday just happens to be our next Katrielle dessert!

Episode 15: Katrielle and the Mystery Circles
Dessert: Cherry pie

(Sherl weighs in)

Just used our standard pie crust recipe, a can of filling and a few generous sprinkles of amaretto.

Verdict: Thought it came out looking gorgeous, but the filling's flavor left something to be desired. I hope someday our very own tree produces enough to make homemade filling!

To conclude, here's a bear.

This is Pottage, in his dotage. He's a gen-u-ine build a bear I bought at a garage sale, and since he had a rip in him, I went ahead and located the heart. (I did put it back and stitched up the rip, don't have a cow.)

Good day!

Friday, December 13, 2019

A whole HOST of desserts

Was going to make the Thanksgiving post, but first we have to catch up on desserts, because I made one FOR Thatgiving, and we need to go in order!

Here's the next one!

Episode 11: The Stolen Kiss (Episode 10 doesn't have a dessert)
Dessert: Sucre Coule

'Sucre Coule' means 'poured sugar,' which is sugar art, like, isomalt stuff. Obviously, I wasn't about to get overly ambitious with this, having never made ANY hard candy before. I followed this recipe...

Verdict: So... yeah, that didn't work too well. At least the blue snaky part is passable, but this may get the prize for worst likeness. It tasted like... very plain hard candy.


Episode 12: The Battle of Hastings
Dessert: Buche de Noel

The Yule Log! Appropriate as we head for Christmas cheer! I just used the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook, and decorated with admittedly non-edible things.

Verdict: Not as hard as I thought it would be. Tasted a little bland, but I'm eager to try this again for Christmases and experiment more.

Right next!

Episode 13: Katrielle and the Doppelganger
Dessert: Raisin Sandwich

This was hard to find, because it seems to be a Japanese thing, but I tracked down this recipe in English, did my best to convert the gram measurements, adapted and gave it a try!

Verdict: Actually liked this a LOT. The cookies taste like toffee bars, the frosting is flavored with honey and rum and tastes amazing, and I even like the raisins. I keep this for posterity!

And finally!

Episode 14: Genius Analyst Officer Emiliana Perfetti
Dessert: Coffee Jelly

This is just jello flavored with coffee. Followed this recipe; quite simple.

Verdict: I think it turned out as it should, and I did TRY it, but I HATE coffee. So... I ate a bit of the whipped cream.

Thanksgiving post tomorrow!

Friday, November 29, 2019


Comics will come someday, and that's the best I can say.

In the meantime, we got back from our trip to Pennsylvania. Good times were had! Wedding rings were bought! A china pattern was not picked and I'd be very interested to find out how he'd react if I suggested such a thing.


Anyways, then we got back and it was time for Halloween time!

Here's this year's jack-o-lanterns.

This one by Mary

This one by me with a pumpkin grown in our very own garden!

This one also by me.

This one here by Dad.

And here we have the crowning glory of the outdoor Halloween decor!

Enoch from Over the Garden Wall! Life size! Stuffed with leaves! Grill for scale!

In closing, here's the next Katrielle dessert. We might do a bunch of short post with just those since we have some catching up to do.

Episode 9: Pet Pandemonium 
Dessert: Brushstroke Cake

This isn't so much a type of cake as a way of decorating; one melts and spreads candy melts on wax paper with a pastry brush, let harden, and apply. Here's how it turned out.

Verdict: I just used my standard yellow cake recipe, with good practice for making tiered cake *wink wink nudge nudge to the top of this post* and just stuck these guys on there. They have very little flavor one way or the other, so it was pretty much just like eating cake normally. Very pleased with how it came out looking though.